What Happens During a Body Wrap?

In Spa or massages Body Wrap is one of the most powerful activities.

Body wrap

Different body wrap have different activities like- detox, hydrating, slimming so you get the beautiful experience you want. Actually body wraps start with some kind of exfoliation. At first scrub the full body to clean properly, then put all the oil and moisturizer to be able to penetrate then skin as deeply as possible. Now a day’s most of the hotels provide spa or massage facilities, customers also want these types of facilities to feel relaxed and refreshed. In Delhi, Gurgaon is one the pose area, there have many luxurious gurgaon guest house provide salon and spa facilities. There is different kind of body wrap treatment-

1. Detox body wrap is one of them. Its uses variety of products like mud, clay, gel to help rid the body of toxins. In this first uses mud on your full body to increase blood flow in your body, drawing out all the impurities, give vitamins and minerals through massage gel or lotion.

2. Hydrating body wraps use cream and gel to smooth and hydrate the skin. Therapist uses rich butter cream in this treatment for smooth and glowing skin and don’t required to wash it off.

3. Slimming wrap is one of the costliest that only provide luxury hotels. It will help you a little bit for a few days. This is also a quick solution for any special event and functions.

4. Once the procedure is start, you are wrapped to stay warm, usually 20 minutes and the full procedure is going on for 60 minutes.

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